Brand Introduction


Doo is a global vape brand established in 2018, committed to providing vapors and smokers in the world with high quality device and vaping experience.


Doo’s mission is “Enhances People's Lifestyle”. We aim to provide smokers with alternatives to reduce their dependence on cigarettes, and to deliver joy as well as satisfaction. However, Doo's products are not for sale to minors and non-smokers.


Take Control. We believe, self-discipline makes good lifestyle. Take control and have a better life is the most important reason why we vape. To protect the teenage, Doo applies restrictions firstly to the minors who are younger than 21 years old.


Organization Introduction


Doo has US headquarter in California with the world’s best Marketing, Sales and R&D capabilities and Asia headquarter in Shenzhen, China with the best supply chain capabilities. The subsidiaries have covered UK, Germany, Beijing and Hong Kong to better support the local demands. At present, our sales network has covered America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.


Doo’s International Executive team consists of top level of talent from different countries, industries and professions who used to be the top leaders in the world’s giant and leading companies. The R&D Team consists of top experts in the industry with more than 10 years of experience. With advanced manufacturing technologies, the Supplier Team can guarantee the best experience in both product quality and massive delivery.


In the past years, Doo has received several important rounds of investment to enhance its capabilities in R&D, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Finance, HR, IT and other domains.


Patents & Technologies


Doo owns a number of self-independent core patents and technologies in the field of vape industry, such as Ceramic Supercoil, Spiral Airway, Anti Leakage Pure Tank, User Friendly Mouthpiece Design, Integrated Air Switch, US Nicotine Salt, SGS Standard Green Materials, AIO System, Hybrid System, Low-voltage protection etc.


Product Series


Doo has full series of products from Juice to Device, from Disposable device to Pod system.


The Doo One Disposable series has been continuously evolving in the past years with the best customer experience and leading technologies.


The Doo Fit Pod system provides the most compatible customer experience and extremely cost-effective solution for all kinds of demands.


The Doo Salt juice series is also available for specific markets.


Regulation Compliance


To fulfill the local laws and regulations, Doo’s products have passed CE-RoSH, FCC, TPD, Multiple Food Safety Standards Tests and all the necessary verifications and certifications for the local markets.


All the trademarks have been registered and approved in all the related countries.



Future Plan


Based on the past success, in the future, Doo will continuously improve its performance to fulfill the market demands as well as customer experience.